Bonus ep! Alyas on our Aus Pod Awards win.

We still can’t believe In My Country won Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards for our conversation with Alyas Taqawi.

We’ve gotten to share what it means to us, but as the man with the story, we wanted to hear from Alyas what it means to him. So, in the first bonus episode for season one, Adam reconnects with Alyas to discuss the win and how storytelling is in his blood.

Nervously awaiting the announcement of the winner with reps from The Regenerative Journey, Shoes Off, Conversations & the Hardest Word
Celebrating our win from Pia’s couch. Left to Right: Roddy, Catherine, Marcela, Gonzalo, Alyas, Adam, Camilo, Dave & Pia.
It’s official!

Alyas also discusses his role on the board of the new organisation Refugee Voices, which aims to ensure that people from refugee backgrounds have a seat at the table on all decisions that effect them.

Click on the above logo to visit the Refugee Voices website.

Listen now on your favourite podcast app or on the player below.

Our Panel at the REIMAGINE virtual festival In My Country

We bring you In My Country’s panel discussion at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival held in November 2020 for our second bonus episode of the season. Join Pia in conversation with four of the guests from season one, Alyas, Liliana, Marcela and Tenzin. They discuss changing the conversation about what it means to be a refugee and why this is so important for all Australians, and share their thoughts about how all of us can create communities of welcome where we live. Make sure to stay to the end of the episode for a special performance from (newly) grammy-nominated musician Tenzin Choegyal.. . .  The panel was possible thanks to the support of Multicultural Australia.Audio from the panel was recorded and mixed lived by Addited Films Final sound mixing by David Gaylard.  All music is from the Free Music Archive. Full song details and more information is available on the episode page at Our logo and graphic design is by Mo Zaidan  We have also been helped and supported by a generous and talented community of people. For a full list of credits visit You can watch the full panel discussion from REIMAGINE on youtube at the conversation: Instagram: @inmycountrypodcast Subscribe to our mailing list at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Our Panel at the REIMAGINE virtual festival
  2. Alyas on our Aus Pod Awards win
  3. Liliana
  4. Marcela
  5. Tenzin

From the episode:

If you’d like to hear about the process of making In My Country, check out ‘Behind the Podcast‘ from the Australian Podcast Awards and Diamatina Media. We spoke to hosts Antony Stockdale and Jules Batstone about bringing the series to life and about our win at the Podcast Awards. Look for the episode released on 16 December 2020.

The other podcasts in our category and all of the other winners and nominees at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards should be added to your podcast lists. We can particularly recommend Shoes Off, Birds Eye View, Conversations, The Hardest Word, The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott, A Rational Fear and Ghosts of Boyfriends Past.

You can see a video of our very subdued reaction to winning Best Interview in the video below. The full broadcast of the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards ceremony is available online at

Episode Credits

Sound is mixed by David Gaylard.

This season was sponsored by Multicultural Australia, a charity welcoming refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and other new arrivals to Queensland with the goal of creating a fairer, more prosperous society for all Queenslanders.  Learn more by joining the Multicultural Australia community at

We have included audio from the live broadcast of the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards in this episode. The ceremony was hosted by Lucinda Price aka Froomes. Sarah Steele can be heard announcing our win at the beginning of the episode.

All music is from Free Music Archive. We have cut and/or looped sections from the following tracks in this episode:

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