Season One is currently available to stream on our website and your favourite podcast app. Each of our guests has been profiled in their own page here. Learn more about them at the links below.

We’ve been shortlisted for Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards and we still haven’t picked ourselves up off the floor!

We are beyond excited to tell you our conversation with Alyas – the first interview we ever did! – has been shortlisted for Best Interview in the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards. Big hitters like The Guardian, ABC, Mama Mia, and commercial media enter these awards, so we are so so stoked that our little independent,Continue reading “We’ve been shortlisted for Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards and we still haven’t picked ourselves up off the floor!”


In the final episode of this season, Adam talks with Liliana Maria, the daughter of Marcela Cornejo from episode 5. Liliana first arrived in Australia with her family in 1988 on a Humanitarian Visa, after escaping Chile’s Pinochet dictatorship.  Liliana reflects on the journey of a refugee from the perspective of a child. She talksContinue reading “Liliana”


We’d be impressed if you’ve ever met a woman gutsier than Marcela Cornejo, from Chile. In our fifth episode, Pia talks to Marcela about her activism against Chile’s dictatorship in the 1980s; how she fought for the rights of political prisoners in her country; and about the sadness and loss she still carries from havingContinue reading “Marcela”


In our fourth episode, Adam meets musician and self-described ‘accidental activist’ Tenzin Choegyal. Accidental activist is an incredibly humble description for a man who has done so much in his life to give voice to the story of Tibetans in exile. Tenzin was born in Tibet, but only lived there for the first few yearsContinue reading “Tenzin”


Big hearted. Lover of Animals. Seeker of self. Storyteller, artist and creative. Iago is all of these and so much more. Adam chats with Iago in our third episode. Iago was born in Iraq and spent his adolescent years in Saudi Arabia.  Despite intense pressure to conform, Iago has strived to express himself, his trueContinue reading “Iago”

Thanks to Multicultural Australia for the support

This podcast has been supported by the generous sponsorship of Multicultural Australia, which has helped to cover the costs of keeping us online and available for download for the upcoming year. For 22 years, Multicultural Australia (formerly Multicultural Development Australia) has been welcoming people seeking asylum, refugees and other new arrivals to Queensland with theContinue reading “Thanks to Multicultural Australia for the support”


Join Pia’s conversation with Faisa Adan in our second episode. Faisa is a person who wears many hats: community worker, entrepreneur, muslim, and woman of big ideas. The first half of Faisa’s childhood was lived out to the backdrop of the Somali Civil War. The second half was spent in Kakuma, one of the world’sContinue reading “Faisa”


In our first episode, we meet Alyas Taqawi. Alyas was born in Afghanistan and arrived in Australia on a boat in 2010. In this episode, Alyas examines his experiences with identity, religion, and luck: what brought him to the decision to board a boat to Australia, how did it all unfold, and what has heContinue reading “Alyas”


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Our conversation with Alyas won Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards.

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