We’ve been shortlisted for Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards and we still haven’t picked ourselves up off the floor!

We are beyond excited to tell you our conversation with Alyas – the first interview we ever did! – has been shortlisted for Best Interview in the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards. Big hitters like The Guardian, ABC, Mama Mia, and commercial media enter these awards, so we are so so stoked that our little independent, kitchen-made love project has been shortlisted.

What we love about Alyas’s thoughts in this episode is that he has such a unique and intelligent take on forced migration. He had so much to say that felt new and fresh. If you haven’t heard this episode yet, you can have a listen on the ‘episodes’ tab, above.

When we started making In My Country, we decided to emulate the ‘simple’ format Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski use in one our our favourite podcasts, Conversations. Little did we realise how much skill that simplicity actually requires (hence our use of narration)! So, it’s beyond an honour to be nominated in the same category as their team and three other amazing podcasts, Shoes Off, The Hardest Word and The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott. We recommend a listen.

Check out nominees in all categories at https://australianpodcastawards.com/finalists-2020. You can also vote for us in the Listener’s Choice at https://australianpodcastawards.com/vote. Go on, you know you want to!

Winners will be announced on 21st of November…. cross your fingers, toes and eyes for us!