Bonus ep! Our panel at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival!

In the second bonus episode of season one we bring you In My Country‚Äôs panel discussion at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival held in November 2020! Join Pia in conversation with four of the guests from season one, Alyas, Liliana, Marcela and Tenzin. They discuss changing the conversation about what it means to be a refugeeContinue reading “Bonus ep! Our panel at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival!”

Bonus ep! Alyas on our Aus Pod Awards win.

We still can’t believe In My Country won Best Interview at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awards for our conversation with Alyas Taqawi. We’ve gotten to share what it means to us, but as the man with the story, we wanted to hear from Alyas what it means to him. So, in the first bonus episodeContinue reading “Bonus ep! Alyas on our Aus Pod Awards win.”