We’d be impressed if you’ve ever met a woman gutsier than Marcela Cornejo, from Chile.

In our fifth episode, Pia talks to Marcela about her activism against Chile’s dictatorship in the 1980s; how she fought for the rights of political prisoners in her country; and about the sadness and loss she still carries from having to leave her country behind.

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Our Panel at the REIMAGINE virtual festival In My Country

We bring you In My Country’s panel discussion at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival held in November 2020 for our second bonus episode of the season. Join Pia in conversation with four of the guests from season one, Alyas, Liliana, Marcela and Tenzin. They discuss changing the conversation about what it means to be a refugee and why this is so important for all Australians, and share their thoughts about how all of us can create communities of welcome where we live. Make sure to stay to the end of the episode for a special performance from (newly) grammy-nominated musician Tenzin Choegyal.. . .  The panel was possible thanks to the support of Multicultural Australia.Audio from the panel was recorded and mixed lived by Addited Films Final sound mixing by David Gaylard.  All music is from the Free Music Archive. Full song details and more information is available on the episode page at Our logo and graphic design is by Mo Zaidan  We have also been helped and supported by a generous and talented community of people. For a full list of credits visit You can watch the full panel discussion from REIMAGINE on youtube at the conversation: Instagram: @inmycountrypodcast Subscribe to our mailing list at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Our Panel at the REIMAGINE virtual festival
  2. Alyas on our Aus Pod Awards win
  3. Liliana
  4. Marcela
  5. Tenzin

From the episode:

You’ll find images from Marcela’s story in the gallery below.

Top row, left, is the avocado seed that Gonzalo smuggled out of prison for Marcela to prove he was still alive.

Second row, left, is a telegram the family received informing them when they would be leaving for Australia in just nine days. The telegram is addressed to Gonzalo and reads. “Your Australia trip is confirmed for Sunday the 15th of May. Please present yourself with your partner and signed documents on Saturday the 14th of May at 9.00am for instructions.”

The other photos on the second and third rows are of Marcela, Gonzalo & Liliana from the family’s application for protection to the Australia Government.

Fourth row, left, is of one of the protests from the Vicaria de la Solidaridad group.

Liliana, Marcela’s daughter, is the focus of our next episode. Learn more about Liliana here.

Episode Credits

Sound is mixed by David Gaylard.

This episode is sponsored by  Multicultural  Australia, a charity welcoming refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and other new arrivals to Queensland with the goal of creating a fairer, more prosperous society for all Queenslanders.  Learn more by joining the Multicultural Australia community at

All music is from Free Music Archive.  We have cut and/or looped sections from the following tracks in this episode:

Our logo and graphic design is by Mo Zaidan.  

We  have  also  been helped and supported by a generous and talented community of people.  For a full  list of  credits visit

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