Big hearted. Lover of Animals. Seeker of self. Storyteller, artist and creative. Iago is all of these and so much more. Adam chats with Iago in our third episode.

Iago was born in Iraq and spent his adolescent years in Saudi Arabia.  Despite intense pressure to conform, Iago has strived to express himself, his true self, his whole life. He has faced obstacles that would have pushed others over the edge. Instead, he has turned to the arts, and his extraordinary resourcefulness, to create a different life.

In his episode, Iago talks about his journey against incredible odds, and his search for peace and a place to belong.

Even though he’s now in Australia, Iago is still living with threats and fear. For that reason, we’ve used a pseudonym – Iago is not his real name. And if you’ve digging around in your memory banks trying to remember where you know that name from, let us help you out – he’s the loud mouthed maccaw from Aladdin. Iago thought this was a good option – 1) for the Arab references, and 2) because it reminds him of his own, lovingly dubbed, “stupid anxious birds”.

We’ve also removed or changed all identifying details to protect Iago’s identity, including adding a voice distortion. It’s not as easy to listen to as Iago’s natural voice, so to make it more digestible, we’ve broken his story into two parts. Part one will be released on Thursday 30 July and part two on Sunday 2 August.

Note that Part 2 of Iago’s story deals with some heavy topics including sexual violence, trafficking and paedophilia and contains course language. We advise listening away from young ears or if this isn’t for you, skip this episode and join us for our next episode released 6 August 2020.

Listen now on your favourite podcast app or via the podcast player below.

Liliana In My Country

In the final episode of the season, Adam talks to Liliana Maria, the daughter of Marcela Cornejo who was featured in our last episode.  Liliana reflects on the journey of a refugee from the perspective of a child. She talks about being caught between countries and identities, about the journey towards finding meaning, and about the power of story.  . . .  Sound is mixed by David Gaylard.  All music is from the Free Music Archive. Full song details on our website at inmycountrypodcast.com/2020/08/20/liliana/  Our logo and graphic design is by Mo Zaidan https://www.behance.net/moezaidan  We have also been helped and supported by a generous and talented community of people. For a full list of credits visit inmycountrypodcast.com/credits/  Join the conversation: Facebook.com/InMyCountryPodcast Instagram: @inmycountrypodcast Subscribe to our mailing list at http://eepurl.com/g6-YTz  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Liliana
  2. Marcela
  3. Tenzin
  4. Iago: Part Two
  5. Iago: Part One

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Episode Credits

Sound is mixed by David Gaylard.

This episode is sponsored by  Multicultural  Australia, a charity welcoming refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and other new arrivals to Queensland with the goal of creating a fairer, more prosperous society for all Queenslanders.  Learn more by joining the Multicultural Australia community at www.multiculturalaustralia.org.au

All music is from Free Music Archive.  We have cut and/or looped sections from the following tracks in this episode:

Our logo and graphic design is by Mo Zaidan.  

We  have  also  been helped and supported by a generous and talented community of people.  For a full  list of  credits visit www.inmycountrypodcast.com/credits

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